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Secretive. Easier. More Obtuse.

The brand new Pilfer Shush is here.

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Pilfer Shush

  • Join the world of the internet of things
  • Enjoy inaudible audio signals between IoT and phone
  • Search online for a definition of privacy
  • Examine all the implications — from anywhere
  • Try it yourself, or get someone else to explain

With the new Pilfer Shush you can experience the world of privacy invading technology — FREE for unlimited days. You could subscribe at any time for just $29 per month or just take advantage of the discounted annual rate of free.

The ramifications for privacy are updated regularly and any amendments are uploaded directly online. Plus, every visit to this website includes free access to any internet based search engine where you can seek out an expert directly. Every Australian individual should have access to this information. Find out why. Take a free trial.

To find out more visit this page or
contact the internet with a search query.


Love it! It is a lot more user friendly and the layout looks clean, crisp and professional, unlike the precursor!”

– Myrrh


I really love the hidden messages and potential for doxing. It is easy to use and very user friendly. I don’t think I need paper anymore! Very environmentally friendly!”

– Halun